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Matt P. Dziubinski

Aalborg University
Research & Development
Matt P. Dziubinski is affiliated with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark and a Junior Fellow at Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series (CREATES). His fascination with computers started in the late 1980s with an 8-bit Atari. His current research interests include Quantitative Finance and High Performance Scientific Computing, with a focus on applied cross-platform parallel computing -- targeting multi-core CPUs as well as many-core GPGPUs. Practical implementation of these research ideas is made easier, more accessible, and even fun thanks to modern C++. Since 2008 Matt has also been sharing his passion introducing modern C++ to his students -- with computational applications in math, finance, statistics, and economics. C++ interests include generic programming, numerics, networking, and performance optimization -- while also enjoying learning about computer architecture in his spare time :-)